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Based on the conviction that health is the cornerstone of human and social development, and based on the importance of prevention and awareness alongside treatment in health policy, the Foundation has developed a general public health program... [ more ] [ Related news ]

Education is a necessary foundation for building a better life and it is the best investment that one can make for the development of the individual and society. Although the Lebanese constitution makes education is legally required,many areas around the country still have many children out of school... [ more ] [ Related news ]

The role of social development is to create incentives and attitudes that reinforce the confidence of citizens in their country, society, and state... [ more ] [ Related news ]

The building of infrastructure is a necessary component of development and it is an inevitable condition of sustainable social and economic development...
[ more ] [ Related news ]

Knowledge is power, and knowledge is the basis for building a productive individual and a developed society. Lebanons value is not only in its geographic position and its natural beauty but in the creativity of its people both inside Lebanon and around the world... [ more ] [ Related news ]

For the Foundation, a commitment to providing the basic building blocs for the creation of a dynamic and productive citizen is matched by an interest in building institutions and deepening civic values in daily and social life. Lebanon, in the final analysis, is the fruit of all that reinforces its presence both domestically and internationally.

The Fares Foundation, through these varied programs, is committed to always playing its role in the development of Lebanon and in building the citizen of the future in a society in which social justice and equal opportunity prevail.

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