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Lebanon deserves all our efforts and all our sacrifices. It has been a great privilege for me to be able to serve my country, my people, and my region. When I founded the Fares Foundation in 1987, it was with the aim of repaying to my homeland some of the heartfelt debt that each one of us owes to oneís country and oneís society. The Foundation was all the more urgently needed as the Lebanese were suffering from a long and devastating war.

In the first years of the Foundationís life, we focused on the urgent humanitarian and
emergency needs of our population. After the war, we began to focus our attention on
supporting social, educational, and health institutions, and sustainable development.
Our aim is to participate effectively in human, social, and civic development through
programs in health, education, humanitarian aid, culture, infrastructure, research,
and conferences.

The Foundationís main activities are carried out in Lebanon but the Foundation also
has as a significant concern to promote the cause and image of Lebanon around the world. We have undertaken a campaign of construction against the destruction of war, and the Lebanese people have shown, despite the heavy legacy of the war years, that they are capable of great dynamism in building a better future. We have great faith in our people and in their great social and economic potential, and in the ambitions of the rising generations.

We are committed to always playing our role in the revival of Lebanon and the reinforcement of the confidence of the Lebanese in a better tomorrow.

Issam M. Fares
Deputy prime Minister - Lebanese Republic

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